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The workshop is to make different kinds of bread: traditional Spanish bread, Marroquin bread, and German bread. Think about the Asian philosophy based on giving value to what from the West is considered a minor art. The Asians appreciate the elements that we find daily, taking care of the utensils, the tools and the things that we use daily. Rescuing this way of understanding the world proposes to give an original and creative value to a common element in our daily meals: bread. The bread will be our protagonist in the workshop, first knowing it well in its components and all its variants, then incorporate through the collective imagination a value created to enrich the daily table and make food an ideal time for the meeting and a family game.


Teach different ingredients and learn: Where they from? How does it work into my body?

Show different bread in various cultures: Which are the different between them? What is the meaning of bread in our culture?

Calculate and measure ingredients -Mix the ingredients and cook them!


To Think about others cultures through simple thing: the bread

To Learn about ingredients of bread and their benefits for our health

To Know how to build original meet around our meals tables


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